Ancillary Equipment

Welding Shelter

Umbrellas and Tents

A complete range of flame retardant tents and shelters used for both Butt and Electrofusion welding to keep contaminants such as rain, pollen, dust and any other floating debris, away from the welding area.

Key features

  • Flame retardant
  • Pop up, traditional poles or conertina construction
  • Colour and logo options available
  • Non-conductive options avalable
  • Robust materials used
Product Code Description
Welding Shelters
A - 047-000120 Welding Umbrella
B - 047-000121Welding Umbrella
C - 047-000061Welding Umbrella c/w Skirt
D - 047-000115Welding Umbrella c/w Skirt
Welding Tent
E - 047-000050Service Laying
F - 047-000053Budget Mains Laying Tent
G - 047-000116Mains Laying Tent
H - 047-000111Heavy Duty Mains Laying Tent
I - 047-000117Premium Main Laying
J - 047-000119Heavy Duty Site Tent
K - 047-000118Heavy Duty Jumbo Tent
  • Welding Tents Shelters Specification Sheet

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