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Water Tooling

General Water Tooling

Hy-Ram are a long established manufacturer and supplier of quality water tooling, including lifting keys, chamber cleaning tools and leak detection equipment.

Valve Keys & Spindles

See our comprehensive range of specialist valve keys, extension spindles, valve cap adaptors and stop tap/meter keys.

Water Hydrant Equipment

We can support your requirements for quality water hydrant equipment with our full range of standpipes, instantaneous fittings, potable water hose and much more.

Water Pumps

We can provide many water pumping solutions both manual and powered, whether the water is potable, dirty, raw. Some simply used to empty water form the working space and others to provide a pressure testing solution to pipework.

Water Test Equipment

Hy-Ram can offer some great options when it comes to water treatment and test equipment.

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Hy-Ram offer a complete range of specialist water tooling equipment including lifting keys, valve keys, meter kits, standpipes, hoses/fittings, pressure test equipment, pumps and more.
The range is stocked at our regional depots and we can normally source specials within 48 hours. Contact us today to discuss your specific requirements.

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