Our Products

Specialist equipment and tooling
for distribution pipelines

Butt Fusion

A comprehensive range of Butt Fusion Machines and accessories for jointing PE pipes.


A complete range of tools, equipment and welding units for use with PE pipes.

Re-Rounding Tools (16 to 710mm)

Hy-Ram provide a complete range of Re-rounding Clamps from 16mm up to 710mm diameter are available for use on PE pipes prior to electrofusion where ovality has been caused by storage or manufacture.

Ancillary Equipment

Ancillary equipment for Butt Fusion and Electrofusion including: pipe rollers, de-beaders, shelters and more.

PE Pipe Squeeze Off

As one of the largest manufacturers worldwide, we can offer PE pipe squeeze off from 16mm-500mm.

Pipe Cutters

A full range of pipe cutting equipment, for most materials, up to 1600mm diameter.

Under Pressure Drilling

A variety of solutions both for water and gas applications for drilling, tapping, valve insertion and flow stopping.

Drilling Ancillary

Along with our drilling machines, we can provide the applicable ancillary items for the competion of drilling connecitons.

Gas Tooling

A full offering of common tooling used for service and mains applications.

Water Tooling

A complete range of tooling for the installation and maintenance of water networks.


A range of impact moles & accessories, towing heads & pipe pushing equipment.

Flow Stopping

A range of products for flow stopping in water and gas, on differing pipe materials and sizes.

General Tools

A comprehensive range of utility equipment and general hand tools.

Pipe Fittings & Valves

A range of ‘specialist’ Drilling Saddles and Valves to provide cost effective solutions to ‘real’ problems within the Water industry.

Hy-Ram Engineering has established itself as a leading design and manufacturer of specialist equipment and tooling for both plastic and metallic distribution pipelines… worldwide!

Principally working across Gas, Water and industrial sectors, Hy-Ram provide a range of products essential for the provision, installation and maintenance of distribution pipelines. We specialise in Sales, Hire, Repair and Calibration of a wide range of equipment and tooling.

Core products include Automated Butt Fusion machines and Electrofusion equipment, Under-pressure drilling equipment, PE Squeeze off tools and equipment, Pipe Cutting equipment and various solutions for Flow Stopping. More recently we have expanded our portfolio with ranges of specialist Valves and Drilling Saddles, Flange adaptors and Couplings, Stainless Steel Repair Clamps and PE Electrofusion Fittings.

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