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Flow Stopping

Pipe Freezing Equipment

Hy-Ram continue to be a specialist supplier for flow stopping technologies across various market sectors. To compliment this, we offer a great range of pipe freezing equipment with capacities up to 100mm.

WASK Gas Products

The WASK Teeset drilling and tapping machine together with the Bagging and By-pass system provide a robust and safe means of maintaining and extending the life of live gas mains.

WASK Water Products

Hy-Ram is proud to be an official distributor for the complete range of WASK Water equipment. The WASK Hydrant Wizard & Aquastop offer innovative flow stopping solutions for completing planned maintenance on water mains and hydrant risers, with minimal disruption to customers.

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Hy-Ram supply a comprehensive range of products for flow stopping in water and gas mains including PE pipe squeezing, bagging off and freezing techniques. Speak to a member of our team today about our flow stopping capabilities.

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