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Hy-Ram continue to be a specialist supplier for flow stopping technologies across various market sectors. To compliment this, we offer a great range of pipe freezing equipment with capacities up to 100mm. In challenging situations pipe freezing can offer a flexible solution to project completion.

Key features

  • Efficient and time saving due to no requirement to drain the water
  • Rapid deployment
  • Suitable for metallic or plastic pipes
  • Compact
  • Simple to use
Product Code Description
Jetfreezer Kits
159-000008Jetfreezer Mini
159-000009Jetfreezer Senior
159-000010Jetfreezer Senior Plus*
159-000004Jetfreezer Professional
159-000011Jetfreezer Professional Plus*
Jetfreezer Jackets & Accessories
001-000017Jacket 8 – 15mm
001-000008Jacket 10 – 22mm
001-000014Jacket 23 – 42mm
001-000034Jacket 43 – 80mm
001-000036Jacket 81 – 100mm
Polar® Freezing Kits
159-000002Polar® Professional
159-000001Polar® Commercial
159-000003Polar® Commercial Plus
159-000007Polar® Industrial
Polar® Freezing
045-000062 APolar® Canisters 700g
182-000002 BPolar® Freezing Jacket 8-15mm (Yellow)
182-000003 CPolar® Freezing Jacket 15-22 (Green)
182-000007 DPolar® Freezing Jacket 28-35mm (Red)
182-000010 EPolar® Freezing Jacket 42mm (White)
182-000011 F Polar® Freezing Jacket 54 & 61mm (Black)
021-000002 GPolar® Dosing Scale
310-000048 HPolar® T-Piece
379-000050 IPolar® Valve
643-000169 JPolar® 1m Nylon Tube
  • Pipe Freezing Specification Sheet

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