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Valve Keys & Spindles


The design philosophy is that one key fits all – therefore it will fit all known valve and hydrant spindle shapes and sizes and cater for broken or missing stem caps.

Valve Keys & Controlled Operation Keys

Hy-Ram offer a vast range of valve keys for use on water and gas valves. We can provide industry standard keys, as well as a range of heavy duty Controlled Operation or Calm Network keys.

Valve External Spindles

Hy-Ram offer a wide range of forged steel spindles. Manufactured in the UK to high specificaitons. Bespoke sizes can be manufactured to suit most applications.

False Tops & Cap Adaptors

Hy-Ram offer a great range of valve cap adaptors to suit all common applications. With the age of networks worldwise it can often be challanging to get new equipment to suit.

Stop Tap Keys

Hy-Ram offer a great range of stop tap keys and tools to operate all common applications.

Meter Keys

Hy-Ram offer a great range of meter keys and tools to operate all common applications and installations.

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See our comprehensive range of specialist valve keys, extension spindles, valve cap adaptors and stop tap/meter keys.

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