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Meter Keys

Meter Fitting and Removal

Hy-Ram offer a great range of meter keys and tools to operate all common applications and installations.

We have solututions for modern and traditional meters. Our offering includes complete meter keys or flexible strap solutuons for imited access applications.

Key features

  • Complete keys or 1/2″ square drive attachments available
  • Robust construction
  • Industry recognised and approved
  • Zinc plated or powder coated finish
  • Long service life
RefProduct Code Description
A270-000146Five Head Meter Removal Kit c/w
1/2" Square Drive Tee Key
Type S Schlumberger Meter Head
Type 3(Kent) Meter Head Removal Head
Type 4 Removal Head Kent/Elster (old V210)
Type K Kent Meter Removal Head
B270-0000951/2" Square Drive Tee Key
C270-000129Meter removal Strap (strap only) 1/2" Sq Drive Female
D270-000114B/Box Cap removal Key Double Ended (27mm & 30mm)
Meter Heads
E270-000103Universal Meter Key - Strap Type
F270-000240Type 1 Meter Head Removal Head
G270-000025Type S Schlumberger Meter Head
H270-000241Type LS Aquadis Itron Meter Removal Head
I270-000242Type 3(Kent) Meter Head Removal Head
J270-000180Type 4 Removal Head Kent/Elster (old V210)
K270-000243Type 4P Elster Meter Removal Head (new Plastic V210)
L270-000244Meter Removal Head Only (Elster V210 High Capacity)
M270-000245Type K Kent Meter Removal Head
N270-000174Type 2 Actaris Meter Head
O270-000096Type 7 Kent 2 Sided Curved Meter Head
P270-000248Type 8 Sappel Meter Removal Head
Q270-000250Type 11 Sappel Meter Removal Head
R270-000257Type 17 Meter Removal Head (Kent Generator)
S270-000258Type 18 Meter Removal Head (V210 Sender)
T270-000247Type 19 Socam/Arad Meter Head
U270-000185B/Box Meter Grip Key

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