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No1 Underpressure Drilling Machine

Service Connections

Well proven and robust underpressure drilling and tapping machine for inserting ferrules into live water mains up to 48″ diameter. The machines can either drill directly into the main, or using a universal undercarriage, through a bossed saddle strap.

Key features

  • Highly cost effective
  • Compact
  • Long service life
  • Low consumable cost
  • Simple to operate
Product Code Description
Drilling Machine
130-000039Hy-Ram No.1 Drilling Machine Kit ½” - 1” BSP
Kit Includes:
Hy-Ram No1
711-000001 Piston Spanner
168-000060 Felt & Leather Pad
711-000004 Ratchet Brace
079-000002 Morse Chain (per meter)
270-000001 ½” - 1” Ferrule Key
711-000003 Ferrule Spanner
129-000002 Drill Drift
077-000008 Pull Up Hook
250-000005 Nut for Pull Up Hook
760-000010 Half Round Piece
045-000053 Steel Box
270-000009 Allen Key
300-000008¾” - 1” Ferrule Adapter
  • Service Drilling Specification Sheet

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