Ancillary Equipment

Debeaders (External and internal)

Butt Fusion Debeading Tools

Debeading tools are used to remove the inner and outer bead that is formed by the Butt Fusion process.

Key features

  • Portable
  • Lightweight
  • Large pipe range
  • Durable finish
  • Simple to operate
Product Code Description
External Debeader
700-000101External Debeader (63 - 125mm diameter pipe)
700-000006External Debeader (90 - 400mm diameter pipe)
700-000103External Debeader (400 - 900mm diameter pipe)
700-000105Replacement Debeader Blade (63 - 125mm)
700-000029Replacement Debeader Blade (90 - 400mm)
700-000104Replacement Debeader Blade (400 - 1200mm)
  • External Debeaders Specification Sheet

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