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Electrofusion Boxes

Hy-Ram offer a comprehensive range of Electofusion control units to suit most electrofusion fittings and applications. An array of options, features and levels of sophistication are available and all units are available for either purchase or hire. A full repair and calibration service is also available on most types of equipment.

Pipe Scrapers

Manually operated mechanical rotary scraping tools for removal of the outer surface of PE pipe. PrepMaster Mono and Multi scrapers incorporate a hardened blade and give a controlled depth of cut. Available for pipe sizes between 20 and 710mm.

Re-Rounding Tools (16 to 710mm)

Hy-Ram provide a complete range of Re-rounding Clamps from 16mm up to 710mm diameter are available for use on PE pipes prior to electrofusion where ovality has been caused by storage or manufacture.

Alignment Clamps

Hy-Ram offer precision engineered clamps which are designed to be tough, strong, rigid and amongst the most accurate clamps available! Manufactured using the latest techniques, the clamps have a feel of quality, more importantly they remain rigid even under arduous pipe/site conditions where lesser clamps would defect and lose accuracy of alignment.

Manual Positioning Clamps

Extremely rigid and powerful clamps with re-rounding capabilities to facilitate correct electrofusion jointing. Our Manual Positioning Clamps offer fixed clamping or strap type clamping, giving flexibility to suit the application.

Hydraulic Restraining Clamps

Extremely rigid and powerful hydraulic clamp with re-rounding capabilities to facilitate correct electrofusion jointing. This clamping range utilises liners to facilitate straight and reducing electrofusion fittings.

Top Loading Clamps

Hy-Ram’s Top Loading Clamps locate in the 12mm Hexagonal drive on the cutter of the tapping saddle. They are extremely easy to use, requiring no locking-off after height adjustment. Robust design incorporates a correct load indicator and a swivel vee base for pipe location.

Electrofusion Ancillary

Hy-Ram can supply a wide range of high quality electrofusion ancillary items, supporting your requirements.

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Hy-Ram offer a complete range of tools, equipment and fittings for the electrofusion of PE Pipes. Our electrofusion range, available for Sale or Hire includes: control boxes, scrapers, clamps, drive keys, wipes and more. For more information on our electrofusion range please contact us.

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