Re-Rounding Tools (16 to 710mm)

16-32mm Re-Rounding Tools

TIN12 Specification Petrol or Diesel

Designed with the water and gas industries in mind, a range of TIN12 specification generators suitable for use with Butt Fusion machines and Electrofusion boxes is available.

Key features

  • TIN12
  • Portable with optional wheel kits
  • Bespoke socket configurations available upon request
  • 110v or 220v output
  • Long range fuel tank available upon request
Product Code Description
PatchMaster Multi
700-000185 20-63mm diameter pipe
700-000186 20-125mm diameter pipe
700-000187 90-225mm diameter pipe
700-000188 30-313mm diameter pipe
700-000189 20-63mm diameter pipe
PatchMaster Multi
700-000190 20-63mm diameter pipe
700-00019120-63mm diameter pipe
PatchMaster Multi
700-00019120-63mm diameter pipe
  • Re-Rounding Tools Specification Sheet

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