Manual Positioning Clamps

AlignMaster Manual Positioning Clamp

Large Diameter Mains Re-Rounding Alignment Clamp – Manual

Extremely rigid and powerful clamp with re-rounding capabilities to facilitate correct electrofusion jointing.
This clamping range utilises liners to facilitate straight and reducing electrofusion fittings.

Key features

  • Full 360° pipe to clamp contact
  • Bolt in secure liners
  • Heavy duty single nut & trunion clamping mechanism, suitable for ratchet operation
  • Manufactured from high strength steel
  • Adjustable connecting bar to suit varying electrofusion fitting length
  • Durable powder coated finish
Product Code Description
089-000550280mm Positioning Clamp
089-000551315mm Positioning Clamp
089-000553400mm Positioning Clamp
604-000029400 - 355mm Set of Reducing Shells (2 pieces)
604-000030400 - 315mm Set of Reducing Shells (2 pieces)
604-000031315 - 280mm Set of Reducing Shells (2 pieces)
  • Alignment Clamp Specifications Sheet

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