Pipe Cleaning

Christmas Tree Scrapers

Pipeline Remediation – Hard Deposits

For use in metallic pipes, Christmas Tree Drag Scrapers remove hard deposits as they are winched through.

Key features

  • Tough steel construction
  • Proven technology to clean and clear deposits
  • Reusable
  • Various sizes available
Product Code Description
700-000086Clamped 3” dia
700-000084Clamped 4” dia
700-000113Clamped 5” dia
700-000091Clamped 6” dia
700-000114Bolt-on 3” dia
700-000115Bolt-on 4” dia
700-000116Bolt-on 5” dia
700-000117Bolt-on 6” dia
700-000118Bolt-on 7” dia
700-000119Bolt-on 8” dia
700-000120Bolt-on 9” dia
700-000121Bolt-on 10” dia
700-000122Bolt-on 12” dia
700-000123Bolt-on 13” dia
700-000124Bolt-on 14” dia
700-000125Bolt-on 16” dia
700-000126Bolt-on 18” dia
700-000127Bolt-on 20” dia
700-000128Bolt-on 22” dia
700-000129Bolt-on 24” dia
700-000130Bolt-on 26” dia
700-000131Bolt-on 28” dia
700-000132Bolt-on 30” dia
700-000133Bolt-on 32” dia
700-000134Bolt-on 34” dia
700-000135Bolt-on 36” dia
  • Pipe Cleaning Specification Sheet

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