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Hy-Ram offer a great range of instantaneous fittings to operate all common applications and installations. Our offering includes various options to allow alternative connections and site procedures.

Key features

  • Range of connection types: instantaneous & threaded, male & female
  • Robust aluminium construction
  • Made in the UK
  • Industry recognised and approved
  • Long service life
RefProduct Code Description
A301-0000252 ½” Female Instantaneous x 2 ½” hose tail
B301-0000182 ½” Male Instantaneous x 2 ½” hose tail
A & B301-0000342 ½” Male and female hose tail set
C301-0000152 ½” Male Instantaneous x 2” Male BSP
D301-0000162 ½” Male Instantaneous x 2” Female BSP
E301-0000222 ½” Female Instantaneous x 2” Male BSP
F301-0000262½” Female Instantaneous x 2”BSP female thread
G301-0000322 ½” Double male Instantaneous adaptor
H301-0000132 ½” Double female Instantaneous adaptor
I301-0000242 ½” Male Instantaneous Blanking Plug
J301-0000382 ½” Female Instantaneous Blanking cap
K301-0000532 ½” Instantaneous Collecting Breech
L301-0000522 ½” Instantaneous Dividing Breech
M301-0000452 ½” Instantaneous Male/Female 90˚ Bend
N301-000037Hose Nozzle 2 ½” Male Inst x ¾” Outlet Single Piece
O089-0001442 ½” Hose super-clamp
P161-000059Static Test Assembly (c/w 16 BAR gauge)
  • Instantaneous Fittings & Hose Ramps Specification Sheet

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