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Pressure Gauges

Gas Mains Testing

Hy-Ram offer a range of digital pressure gauges including recognised brands such as Druck, Comark and Additel.

Key features

  • Indsutry recognised and approved
  • High accuracy pressure testing
  • Can be serviced and calibrated by Hy-Ram
  • Options for Gauge, Differential and Absolute
  • Intrinsically safe
  • Carry case available
Product Code Description
Druck Gauge
DPI705EIS-1-10AIntrinsically Safe, 7 bar Absolute, STANDARD Accuracy
DPI705EIS-1-7AIntrinsically Safe, 2 bar Absolute, STANDARD Accuracy
DPI705EIS-2-10AIntrinsically Safe, 7 bar Absolute, HIGH Accuracy
DPI705EIS-2-7AIntrinsically Safe, 2 bar Absolute, HIGH Accuracy
DRUCCASECarry Case for DPI705IS
Comark Gauge
COMAC9501ISComark Digital Pressure Meter 140 mbar
COMAC9503ISComark Digital Pressure Meter 350 mbar
COMAC9505ISComark Digital Pressure Meter 2 bar
COMAC9507ISComark Digital Pressure Meter 7 bar
  • Gas Tooling Specification Sheet

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