Mains Branch Drilling

DrillMaster Branch 4

Mains Branch Connections

The latest innovative branch drilling technology from Hy-Ram. Facilitating 80mm and 100mm connections on clean water mains, on all major pipe materials.

When used in conjunction with our PowerDrive system, connections can be made in as little as 40 seconds!

Key features

  • Compact & lightweight
  • Robust
  • Simple operation
  • Full range of cutter technology to suit all major pipe materials
  • Up to 475mm of traverse
  • Option to convert to powered drill (removing the need for manual ratcheting)
Product Code Description
DrillMaster 4 Branch Drill Kit
130-000229DrillMaster 4 Branch Drill Kit
Kit Includes
310-000056Flange 80mm PN16
310-000067Flange 100mm PN16
300-000257Cutter Adaptor 3" & 4”
130-00011212mm Pilot Drill
270-0000533mm Allen key
270-0000545mm Allen key
270-0000138mm Allen Key
711-00003913mm Open Ended Spanner
711-000004Ratchet Spanner
045-000424Carry Case
Optional Accessories
045-000374Bell Housing 80mm Flange
045-000376Bell Housing 100mm Flange
130-000235PowerDrive Makita 18Vx2 Angle Drill BL LXT
Holesaw Cutters, Pilot Drills & Coupon Retaining Magnets
117-00031057mm Diamond Grit Holesaw
117-00031167mm Diamond Grit Holesaw
117-00030670mm Diamond Grit Holesaw
117-00031276mm Diamond Grit Holesaw
117-00031379mm Diamond Grit Holesaw
130-000221Coupon Retaining Pilot Drill
130-000236Coupon Retaining Magnet
130-000236Coupon Retaining Magnet
  • Mains Branch Drilling Specification Sheet

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