Mains Branch Drilling

DrillMaster Branch 8

Mains Branch Connections

The latest innovative branch drilling technology from Hy-Ram. Facilitating 80mm, 100mm, 150mm & 200mm connections on water and gas mains, on all major pipe materials.

Key features

  • Compact & lightweight
  • Robust
  • Simple operation
  • Full range of cutter technology to suit all major pipe materials
  • Up to 700mm of traverse
  • Power options to suit gas and water applications
Product Code Description
DrillMaster Branch 8 Drill Kit
130-000234DrillMaster 8 Branch Drill Kit
Kit Includes
310-00005880mm PN16 Flange
310-000068100mm PN16 Flange
310-000069150mm PN16 Flange
310-000070200mm PN16 Flange
Optional Accessories
045-000377Bell Housing 80mm Flange
045-000409Bell Housing 100mm Flange
045-000411Bell Housing 150mm Flange
045-000412Bell Housing 200mm Flange
Holesaw Cutters, Pilot Drills & Coupon Retaining Magnets
117-00031057mm Diamond Grit Holesaw
117-00031167mm Diamond Grit Holesaw
117-00030670mm Diamond Grit Holesaw
117-00031276mm Diamond Grit Holesaw
117-00031379mm Diamond Grit Holesaw
117-00030783mm Diamond Grit Holesaw
117-000318140mm Diamond Grit Holesaw
Further Cutting Options up to 200mm - Please call
130-000236Coupon Retaining Magnet
  • Mains Branch Drilling Specification Sheet

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