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Pipe Pressure Testing or Blocking

Hy-Ram supply a range of quality pipe stoppers. They are commonly used for air testing pipe work, or simply blocking the end of the pipe to prevent contaminants or wildlife entering the pipe work.

Key features

  • Simple to use
  • Lightweight
  • Robust aluminium or steel construction
  • Industry recognised
Product Code Description
Pipe Range (ID)PlatesOutlet
656-0001212” Pipe Stopper 49-60mmSteel½” BSP
656-0001223” Pipe Stopper73-85mmSteel½” BSP
656-0001234” Pipe Stopper94-110mmSteel½” BSP
656-0001434½” Pipe Stopper 108-120mmAlu.½” BSP
656-0001245” Pipe Stopper 121-138mmSteel½” BSP
656-0001256” Pipe Stopper 146-163mmSteel½” BSP
656-0001267” Pipe Stopper170-195mmSteel½” BSP
656-0001278” Pipe Stopper 191-211mmSteel½” BSP
656-0001289” Pipe Stopper216-235mmSteel1” BSP
656-00012910” Pipe Stopper 244-260mmSteel1” BSP
656-00013011” Pipe Stopper 275-305mmSteel1” BSP
656-00013112” Pipe Stopper 296-314mmSteel1” BSP
656-00013213” Pipe Stopper 315-350mmSteel1” BSP
656-00013314” Pipe Stopper 340-375mmSteel1” BSP
656-00013415” Pipe Stopper 365-400mmSteel1” BSP
656-00013516” Pipe Stopper 390-425mmSteel1” BSP
656-00013617” Pipe Stopper 415-440mmSteel1” BSP
656-00013718” Pipe Stopper 440-475mmSteel1” BSP
656-00013820” Pipe Stopper 495-525mmSteel2” BSP
656-00013921” Pipe Stopper 520-555mmSteel2” BSP
656-00014022” Pipe Stopper534-569mmSteel2” BSP
656-00014124” Pipe Stopper590-630mmSteel2” BSP
656-00014226” Pipe Stopper640-675mmSteel2” BSP
  • Pipe Stoppers Specification Sheet

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