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Portable LED Battery Worklights

The K8, K9 & K10 Portable Rechargeable Worklights

The K8, K9 & K90 LED Portable worklights are robust, reliable, rechargeable LED lights which can be used in a wide variety of applications including construction, emergency services, on the water networks and virtually anywhere where portable battery powered lighting is required. They can be used as a directional area floodlight, long distance spotlight, site work light or torch.
These items are not suitable for use in a gaseous atmosphere.

Key features

  • Powerful, high lumen output
  • Long life rechargeable batteries
  • Various output modes
  • Floodlight filter options
  • Mains and vehicle charging options
  • Low or no maintenance
Product Code Description
602-000024K10 Led Worklight - Lithium Type
602-000025K10 Led L2 X 2 Worklight
602-000026K10 4.5M Tripod System
  • Portable LED Battery Worklights Specification Sheet

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