Gas Tooling Essentials

Test Standpipes (Cowhorns)

Gas Mains Testing

Mains test Cowhorns for pressure testing Gas pipelines.
The 2 part manifold comprises a cowhorn standpipe (supplied in 3 different pressure ratings, colour coded for ease of identification), and a common base (common to all 3 types).

The cowhorn facilitates quick and safely controlled pressurising via a ludecke type coupler and diaphragm valve and is also fitted with a pressure gauge and safety pressure relief valve.

Key features

  • Industry recognised and approved
  • Simple to operate
  • Serviceable
  • Available for different pressure applications
Product Code Description
643-000064Low pressure, complete with Common Base
643-000062Medium pressure, complete with Common Base
643-000077High pressure, complete with Common Base
643-000091Common Base only
084-000005Steel Wedge
711-000090Keel Tool Kit
  • Gas Tooling Specification Sheet

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