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Gauges & Testing


Multi test cap for pressure testing PE Gas services through the Electrofusion top tapping tee, by making use of the 12mm Hex Cutter drive.

Manoflex Gauges

Flexible manometer pressure gauges, used for testing gas services

Flame Arresters & Purge Hoses

For use where gas mains are being purged or vented. Flame arresters prevent a flame entering or getting back in to the main.

Manometer Gauges

Designed with the water and gas industries in mind, a range of TIN12 specification generators suitable for use with Butt Fusion machines and Electrofusion boxes is available.

Manometer Hose

Rubber tubing is used commonly in conjunction with manometer gauges and general pressure testing. Rubber test hose is available in thin or thick wall.

Pressure Gauges

Hy-Ram offer a range of digital pressure gauges including recognised brands such as Druck, Comark and Additel.

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Hy-Ram is a leading supplier of gas safety and test equipment for services and mains.

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