General Water Tooling

Gulley Scoops

Manhole & Chamber Cleaning

A range of high quality, durable and painted Gully Scoops & Box Cleaning Tools

Key features

  • Robust steel construction
  • Durable finish
  • Long service life
  • Options to suit most applications
RefProduct Code Description
A700-000071Mechanical Gulley Grab, 2” Square Head x 1.5m Handle
A700-000068Mechanical Gulley Grab 2’’ Square Bowl x 1m Handle
B700-000008 Mechanical Gulley Grab 3” Round Head x 1m Handle
B700-000070Mechanical Gulley Grab 3 ½” Round Bowl c/w 1.5m Handle
B700-000098Mechanical Gulley Grab 3 ½” Round Bowl c/w 1.5m Handle
B700-000070Gully Grab 3” Bowl x 1.5m Handle
C700-000016 Gulley Scoop c/w vanes, small 3” head
C700-000033 Gulley Scoop c/w vanes, medium 5” head
C700-000017 Gulley Scoop c/w vanes, large 6” head
D700-000034 Gulley Scoop Apple Corer Type
E700-000015 Cleaning Tongs Scissor Action Fence Post Type
  • General Water Tooling Specification Sheet

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