General Water Tooling

Listening Sticks

Water Leak Detection

Listening sticks and stethoscopes are available in a choice of materials and lengths to suit your needs and budget.

Key features

  • Varying materials & lengths to suit
  • Tried and tested mehtod of leak detection
  • Range of materials including steel and timber
RefProduct Code Description
A161-000019 8” Pocket Stethoscope
B023-000094 Extension Rod 0.50mtr MASP0061290
B023-000024 Extension Rod 1.25mtr
C161-0000445ft Wooden Listening Stick, Broom Handle type
D161-0000144ft Wooden Listening Stick, Broom Handle type
E161-0000404ft Stainless Steel Listening Stick
F161-0001315ft Diaphragm Listening Stick, Angled Head, 3 piece
G161-000151Bobbin Type Listening Stick, Wooden Head, Stainless Steel Shaft
H161-0001845’ Hardwood Taper Listening Stick
  • General Water Tooling Specification Sheet

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