Measuring Tools

Pressure Gauges (Analogue & Digital)

Pressure Testing

Hy-Ram offers a range of analogue and digital pressure gauges for use when pressure testing pipelines and fittings.

Key features

  • High quality
  • Many options around: pressure rating, entry size/orientation, size, scale, dry/glycerine filles
  • Easy to use
  • High accuracy
  • Can be supplied calibrated upon request
Product Code Description
161-000069 Replacement Gauge to suit Rothenberger P50 pump
161-000097Replacement Gauge to suit Low Pressure Cowhorn replacement Gauge - Dry
161-000098Replacement Gauge to suit Medium Pressure Cowhorn replacement gauge - Dry
161-000135Replacement Gauge to suit High Pressure Cowhorn replacement gauge - Dry
161-000143Pressure Gauge Test Cert
  • Measuring Wheels & Pressue Gauge Specification Sheet

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