Exporting Hy-Ram through the years

19 September 2023


Exporting Hy-Ram through the years

Our International story began in the early 1990’s following much of the collaboration work between, at that time “Hy-Ram Pipeline Products” and British Gas, in gaining vital approvals and assisting in distribution network design of the ever increasing installation of the versatile pipeline polymer Polyethylene utilising Butt Fusion installation techniques.

The development of a quality Fully Automatic Butt Fusion Machine with the Superweld range provided a revolutionary opportunity to improve the quality of Butt Fusion machine jointing techniques by automating much of the process, removing human error with what was previously a very manual process subject to limited quality control.

Due to Hy-Ram’s expertise and technical approvals in this field, access to several key international markets became opportune in areas prevalent where there was British Gas influence on standards and practices which included state projects in Argentina, China and a key development of a new gas ring main around Ankara, Turkey!

These successful projects continued to open further distribution opportunities and a collaborative partnership with Uponor saw the Hy-Ram Superweld Butt Fusion Machines take centre stage at a number of International Exhibitions, from Portugal to the Middle East and beyond!

With the Superweld Butt Fusion Machines gaining further market interest in expanding regions, Hy-Ram continued to develop personal relationships with key distribution partners, understanding quickly that having local representation through knowledgeable and loyal distributors was key to establishing local support and building brand confidence on the ground.

Such relationships developed by both Chairman Peter Hallam with his son, and now Managing Director Tim, saw expansion through the late 90’s into much of the Middle and Far Eastern regions, maintaining many original customers who we continue to support to this day!

Tapping into new opportunities

The growing success of the Butt Fusion Machine range also coincided with further developments for the Utility industry at this time which saw the development of our Under Pressure Drilling range for the live Drilling & Tapping of Water Mains for new service installation.

As well as the Drilling equipment, Hy-Ram also designed a range of consumable combined Drill Taps for use with the machines which shared similar compatibilities with alternative Drilling Machines in North America.

In the early 90’s, Hy-Ram had recently become the Sole UK distributor for Wheeler Rex pipe cutting equipment and following the growth of this relationship, Wheeler Rex also began to distribute our Drill Taps within North America.

A 1995 American Water Works exhibition in New York in support of Wheeler Rex also saw the further promotion of the Drill Tap range, as well as some new hinged-style Pipe Cutting Tools.

With the growth of more international markets throughout the mid 90’s, our drills and consumables could be found throughout Europe to the rapidly developing Gulf States, all with the aim of expanding water infrastructure.

This prominence also saw Hy-Ram sponsor a number of European Drilling & Tapping competitions, pitching the ‘best in the business’ at rapid water connections utilising our tried and tested equipment!

Following the development of a new Valves and Fittings product range through collaboration with UK Water Companies in the late 90’s, combined with our expanding Drilling Range, new opportunities within Europe arose and Exhibitions in Belgium and The Netherlands helped promote both this new Blue Product range of Drills, Consumables and Fittings in addition to our core product range into the new Millenium.

2016… Forty and counting!

Fast forward to 2016 with the company now looking to celebrate its 40th anniversary, and what better way to announce this to the World than to use the stage of the largest trade fair within the industry at the Munich IFAT exhibition to release our new logo, new catalogue and , more importantly, our brand new Weldmaster Butt Fusion Machine, the first in the World to offer a full Touch Screen interface in what continues to be one of the most intuitive and user friendly Fully Automated machines available.

In addition to the hotly anticipated Butt Fusion Machine innovation, the exhibition provided the perfect platform from which to showcase the new ancillary tooling range, and with live demonstrations and liquid refreshment on tap, the stand was the place to be in our market sector.

IFAT 16 had been a roaring success and helped reinvigorate Hy-Ram internationally, creating the foundations for new distribution partners in many untapped regions, all of which have continued to grow from strength to strength to this day.

This springboard saw Export revenue become a rapid area of company growth and revitalised the international prominence of the Hy-Ram brand, with further annual international exhibitions undertaken between Aquatech in Amsterdam and IFAT in Munich through to today.

Exporting into the future

Trading to now over 60 countries worldwide, many of which have become close friends of the company over the years, there have been many changes from the ‘good old days’ when all communicating was made by Fax!

Now with ever-more available travel opportunities, combined with mobile and video communication, Hy-Ram prides itself on being available to respond to training and service requirements to ensure our distribution partners have the knowledge and tools to confidently maintain and service our equipment which have involved a number of support missions from the heat of the Middle East to the humidity of Far East, no job has proved too difficult for our engineers.

In addition to expanding this technical support, exciting new product developments have opened further market opportunities in new and expanding regions which have seen a number of recent export missions, demonstrating how Hy-Ram can drive innovation within its field.

With even more air miles booked in the near future to multiple regions supporting these on-going projects, it is safe to say that international growth remains a core part of Hy-Ram’s future.

The look of the company may have changed over the years , however the name and its dedication to supporting customers worldwide, driving innovation within Gas and Water infrastructure, remains as prominent as ever.

For more information on how Hy-Ram can support you within your region, to become a distributor or to find local support to you, please visit www.hyram.com

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