PE Pipe Squeeze Off – Why choose Hy-Ram for your tooling

11 April 2023


PE Pipe Squeeze Off – Why choose Hy-Ram for your tooling

The UK’s leading PE Pipe Squeeze Off Manufacturer

Pipe squeeze off is the process of temporarily isolating a section of polyethylene (PE) pipe with the application of a manual or hydraulic tool. This process is often used in the process of repairing, maintaining or extending gas and water networks.

However, having the right equipment to safely undertake this task is critical. Hy-Ram stands apart as one of the most reliable providers of equipment for PE pipe squeeze off operations, with experience and approvals stretching back over thirty years.

Here’s why:

Safety is paramount

Hy-Ram makes safety their top priority when producing equipment for PE pipe squeeze off operations. Hy-Ram squeeze off products have been through decades of development, testing and third party approvals, both in the UK and other International territories. This ensures that their equipment is manufactured to exacting industry standards, correct tolerances and purpose designed for the task in hand.

Quality Assured

When it comes to quality, Hy-Ram does not compromise on anything but only uses premium grade materials and relevant engineering techniques for all their products. Each tool is crafted using only high grade steel selected based on the scope of the individual tool – testament to this is the life cycle of their equipment around the World. Every single product manufactured by Hy-Ram is subjected to their robust ISO9001 quality management system.

A Range Of PE Pipe Squeeze Off Solutions

Hy-Ram provides various options when it comes to equipment for PE pipe squeeze off operations; ranging from lightweight hand held machines up to larger modular solutions, all designed to support the approved operation for the particular pipe size, operating pressure and wall thickness (SDR).

With all these benefits combined, there’s no doubt that Hy-Ram is a reliable provider of tools and equipment needed for efficient PE pipe squeeze off operations – ones that cover both safety as well as quality concerns without compromising effectiveness or durability at any stage during deployment. So if you’re looking for a reliable solution then look no further than Hy-Ram, we have the provenance to support you!


Hy-Ram are proud to support Worldwide markets with its tools and equipment. Over years of dedication they have supported: gas and water distribution networks; landfill; industrial; mining; coal seam gas and many other sectors.

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