WASK Gas Products

Bagset & Teeset

Gas Main Flow Stopping

The WASK Teeset drilling and tapping machine together with the Bagging and By-pass system provide a robust and safe means of maintaining and extending the life of live gas mains. They can be used to safe and comprehensive method of flow-stopping polyethylene (90mm to 400mm), ferrous 3” to 16” cast iron, 80mm to 400mm ductile iron and PVC (125mm to 400mm).

Key features

  • Customer supply maintained, whilst essential repair and maintenance is completed
  • Proven approved method
  • Ancillary items avialable including: Gas Bags, Holesaw Taps, Holesaw Cutters, EMID/Completion Plugs
  • Repairs and servicing available
Product Code Description
  • Bagset & Teeset Download Sheet
  • Bagset & Teeset Operators Sheet

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