Multipurpose Pipe Cutters

Large Diameter Pipe Crackers (2″-24″)

Pipe Cracking For Cast Iron, Clay & Concrete Pipes – Wheeler Cracker

Hy-Ram are the sole official UK agent for the Wheeler-Rex range of pipe cutting equipment including the unique range of Hydraulic Pipe Crackers for cast iron and concrete pipes.

These cutters are not rotated around the pipe, the application is static, the chain is hydraulically tensioned around the pipe until the point of cracking. Minimal clearance is required to wrap the cutter chain around the pipe to engage it in the cutter jaws. A remotely operated hydraulic hand-pump provides the required power. Cutters are supplied complete with hand-pump, hose and storage / carrying box.

Key features

  • Powerful remote hydraulic pump operation
  • Cutters employ the ‘squeeze and pop’ cutting principle
  • Available in three size models
  • Highly effective on cast iron, clay and concrete pipes
  • No need to change the cutter wheels for different pipe materials
Product Code Description
WHE382515Chain extension for WHE389012 (12” to 15”)
WHE382518Chain extension for WHE389012 (12” to 18”)
WHE382520Chain extension for WHE389012 (12” to 20”)
Chain extension for WHE389012 (12” to 24”)
WHE552520Chain extension for WHE559018 (18” to 20”)
WHE552524Chain extension for WHE559018 (18” to 24”)
WHE299008Wheeler Cutter (2”- 8”) s
WHE389012Wheeler Cutter (4”- 12”) n
WHE559018Wheeler Cutter (8”- 18”) l
WHE559024Wheeler Cutter (8”- 24”) l
  • Pipe Crackers Specification Sheet

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