Multipurpose Pipe Cutters

Fein Powered Hacksaw

Compressed Air Hacksaw – Fein Saw

Compressed air hacksaw for pipes and profiled sections up to 440mm diameter.

Key features

  • Cuts steel, cast iron, ductile iron, concrete, plastics
  • Ideally suited for cutting pipes and shaped sections
  • Clamp and feed device available for profiles and pipes from 80 – 400mm diameter
  • Adjustable clamping devices permit mitre cuts up to 45°
Product Code Description
117-000196Up to 440mm diameterPowered Hacksaw (Fein), ‘Starter pack’ includes: 1 x set of keys, 1 x additional handle and 1 x hose coupling
  • Pipe Cutting - Fein Saw User Manual

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