Multipurpose Pipe Cutters

Keel Cutters N450 & N600

Rotary Large Diameter Hydraulic Pipe Cutter

Model N450 (75 to 900mm diameter pipe) and Model N600 (100 to 1500mm diameter pipe).

The cutters can be used to cut virtually any pipe material: steel, cast iron, ductile iron, clay and plastic pipe. The cutters are powered from a portable hydraulic power unit and so are ideal for on-site use.

Key features

  • Accurate square cut
  • Low clearance required
  • Powerful hydraulic power unit
  • Simple blade replacement
  • Modular and portable design
Product Code Description
N450 Pipe Cutter
117-000053N450 Pipe Cutter (75-700mm)
022-000004Set of Drive Belts
379-000055Waterspray Unit Complete
673-000010Ratchet Handle
084-000005Steel Wedge
711-000090Keel Tool Kit
N600 Pipe Cutter
117-000090N600 Pipe Cutter (200-1500mm)
022-000006Set of Drive Belts
379-000062Waterspray Unit Complete
673-000011Ratchet Handle
673-000012Swivel Handle
084-000006Steel Wedge
711-000090Keel Tool Kit
  • Multi Purpose Specification Sheet

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