Multipurpose Pipe Cutters

PowerGrit Utility Saw

Hydraulic and Petrol High Capacity Pipe Saw

PowerGrit system offers powerful options with hydraulic or petrol powered units available.

The saws offer the ability to cut the pipe from one side which means only a smaller excavation is needed and the operator is able to hold the saw in a safer way throughout the whole cut.

Used by a large number of the water authorities, large contractors and also smaller specialist contractors for burst mains pipe repairs through to cast iron pipe upgrades or the installation of new plastic pipes. PowerGrit utility water pipe cutting saws for the safe way to cut pipe.

Key features

  • Can cut most pipe materials: ductile iron, cast iron, PVC, Asbestos, PE (hydraulic saw only for asbestos)
  • Eliminates rotatinal kick-back
  • Unique diamond abrasive cutting design
  • Integral water dust supression and cooling system
  • Reduced excavation
  • Various cutting methods due to innovative design
Product Code Description
PSAW566123890PG-15 Saw Package, with 38cm Guidebar and PowerGrit-29 Chain
PSAW566123-20890PG-20 Hydraulic Saw Package 50cm Guidebar, PowerGrit Chain, Case
PSAWHOP4012v Water Tank (inc Hose)
PSAW537640Pipe Clamp, PowerGrit System (Full Kit)
PSAWGT18B01Stanley Hydraulic Power Pack 20/30lpm @ 150bar 18hp B&S Vanguard (Inc 7m Hose)
PSAW70350Flow Adaptor Valve 30lpm
PSAWHAS007MN3FFHydraulic Hose Set 7m Lg c/w FF Couplers
PSAW537764Power Grit-29, 38cm chain (*Suitable for DI/CI/PVC/PE/AC*)
PSAW523080890F4 Guide Bar 38cm/29 segments
PSAW537765Power Grit-34, 50cm chain (*Suitable for DI/CI/PVC/PE/AC*)
PSAW529767890F4 Guidebar 50cm/34 segments
PSAW545017Power Grit-40, 63cm chain (*Suitable for DI/CI/PVC/PE/AC*)
PSAW525320890F4 Guidebar 63cm/40 segments
PSAW525342ProFORCE-29,chain (*Suitable for Concrete*)
PSAW523080890F4 Guide Bar 38cm/29 segments
PSAW531749ProFORCE-34, 50cm chain (*Suitable for Concrete*)
PSAW529767890F4 Guidebar 50cm/34 segments
PSAW525345ProFORCE-40, 63cm chain (*Suitable for Concrete*)
PSAW525320890F4 Guidebar 63cm/40 segments
PSAW575827695XL PG-16 Petrol Saw Package, 40cm Guidebar, PowerGrit Chain
PSAWHOP3512v Water Tank (inc Hose)
PSAW5058802 Stroke Oil, 25:1 Mix (200ml Bottle (6 Pack))
PSAW537764Power Grit-29, 38cm chain (*Suitable for DI/CI/PVC/PE/AC*)
PSAW524490695F4 Guidebar 40cm/29 segments
PSAW525496Drive Sprocket - Petrol 695 FORCE4
PSAW560565Drive Sprocket - 890 FORCE4
PSAW529829FORCE4 25cm/10" Guide Bar
PSAW580423680ES-PG10 Saw Package 25cm Guidebar, PowerGrit Chain
PSAW580424PowerGrit Chain
PSAW579158Guidebar 25cm/10"
  • Multi Purpose Specification Sheet

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