WASK Gas Products

Gas Bags

Gas Main Flow Stopping Accessories

Used in conjunction with the WASK Bagging off system to provide a safe and effective flow stop. The only GIS/E4 type Gas Bags approved and tested by WASK for use in their 312 under pressure natural gas deployment equipment at a 400 mBar system rating.

Key features

  • Self Centring
  • Approved by WASK for use in the 312 Bagset Flow Stopping System
  • Reusable
  • Kite marked
Product Code Description
001-000001Gas Bag 2”
001-000002Gas Bag 3”
001-000003Gas Bag 4”
001-000004Gas Bag 5”
001-000005Gas Bag 6”
001-000006Gas Bag 7”
001-000007Gas Bag 8”
001-000009Gas Bag 9”
001-000010Gas Bag 10”
001-000011Gas Bag 12”
001-000015Gas Bag 14”
001-000018Gas Bag 15”
001-000016Gas Bag 16”
001-000019Gas Bag 17"
001-000020Gas Bag 18”
001-000021Gas Bag 20”
001-000022Gas Bag 21”
001-000023Gas Bag 22”
001-000024Gas Bag 24”
001-000025Gas Bag 30”

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