Insertion Trumpet

PE Pipe Insertion

This cost effective simple product prevents expensive damage to PE pipes from the ‘cut’ edge of the existing pipe during insertion.

Key features

  • Low cost
  • Reuseable
  • Simple method of preventing pipe wall damage on the new PE pipe
  • Size specific
Product Code Description
157-0000043” Insertion TrumpetPVC
157-0000014” Insertion TrumpetPVC
157-0000026” Insertion TrumpetPVC
157-0000058” Insertion TrumpetPVC
157-00000610” Insertion TrumpetFibreglass
157-00000712” Insertion TrumpetFibreglass
157-00000814” Insertion TrumpetFibreglass
157-00000918” Insertion TrumpetFibreglass
  • Insertion Trumpets Specification Sheet

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